Welcome to RiverPark Church @ the Park

Whether you came for our service, or just stumbled across us as you were enjoying your morning walk, we're glad you found us. You're welcome to drop in at any time, even if the message has already started. Or just come back next week! Either way, keep up-to-date by submitting a Connection Card at the bottom of this page.

RiverPark Church seeks to be a blessing to the community of Parkville and beyond. We want to build a community of people who genuinely care for and help one another.
Here's what to expect today:
Our Service begins at 9:45 - There will be a couple of songs, a few announcements, and a short, engaging & practical-for-life message from the Bible, by Pastor Stephen Daniel. The service will last approximately 35 minutes, and there will be a chance for you to meet (from a 6ft distance) a few of the folks you're sitting around afterward.

There may be a few distractions along the way like the faithful train, wiggling kids, or maybe a barking dog. We're use to the train and we love kids and dogs.

Answers to common questions

Q. Will there be kids ministry or childcare during RiverPark @ the Park meetings?
A. These meetings are designed to be "family-style," so there's a number of things in place to help everyone in the family have a good time.
(1) Kid's Kits will be provided for each kiddo on arrival. This will include things like crayons, a coloring sheet with a clip board, a fruit snack packet and occasionally a scavenger hunt.
(2) Lot's of room to run/twirl/roll/dance or otherwise in the back. If someone in the family needs a stretch break, head on to the back and go for it! We try to keep the speakers loud enough so you can keep listening and your child can keep moving.
(3) It's only 30 minutes. We hope the short nature of the service followed by an opportunity to meet some other kids and maybe even hit the playground creates an enjoyable time for everyone.

Q. What if I didn't bring my lawn chair or picnic blanket? 
A. We've got you covered. Just let one of the folks wearing a RiverPark Church t-shirt know and they will get you a tarp or picnic blanket to sit on. Or feel free to stand.

Q. How are you handling COVID-19 safety?
A. COVID-19 is one of the primary reasons we decided to launch weekly services outside at the Park. General guidelines from health departments have indicated that outside is generally safer than inside. The Platte County Health Department specifically has said that as long as social distancing guidelines can be followed, then masks are not required outside. However, we encourage everyone to do what is most comfortable for them.
(1) We will provide markers to indicate 6ft distances between seating areas.
(2) No-Touch Service - We are asking that no one shake hands or hug at the service.
(3) Hand sanitizer will be available near the entrance.

Message Notes:

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Coming up

Join us next Sunday as we continue the conversation on Spiritual Growth.
Sunday, September 20 (12pm): Men's BBQ and Football Event - Meet at noon for some games and food before watching the Chiefs game. Please RSVP on Facebook by Thursday.
Thursday, September 24 (6:45pm): Ladies' Dinner and Game Night - Join the ladies at Twisted Fresh for dinner and bring a game!
Sunday, September 27 (5:30pm): Worship Night - Join us at English Landing Park to worship together outdoors.
Launching Groups in the first week of October

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