RiverPark Church will meet at English Landing Park on Sunday, May 22, and May 29. Service starts at 9:45 am. Click here for more details.


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What are Groups?

We believe that relationships are a part of God's plan for us.  Groups are one of the best ways to get connected with others.  They are a great opportunity to get support, encouragement, and to gain new friends.

Groups bring people together weekly to have fun, meet new friends, and learn about connecting with God.

This Spring, we will launch three new groups in February, and potentially more in April.

Proverbs: Wise ways for living

Proverbs is part of what is known as the Wisdom Literature within the Old Testament of the Bible. It speaks to many areas of life.  Proverbs is summarized in the first seven verses.  It describes the goal of providing wisdom to "God's people" rooted in the "fear of the Lord" and providing practical guidance for everyday situations and relationships.

We will read a different chapter each week and discuss the practical applications for our lives.

Men’s Group -  Tuesday Nights @ 7

Leader: Randall Robinson

Location: Parkville, MO

Women’s Group - Wednesday Nights @ 7

Leader: Meghan Robinson

Location: Parkville, MO

Sermon Discussion Group (Co-ed)

We're a family-friendly group that meets most Monday nights. If you have kids, bring them along!

We will discuss the themes from the Sunday sermon that occurred the day before each group and help each other learn to apply them better into our lives.

Leader: Stephen Daniel

Location: Parkville, MO

Join us Sundays at 9:45 AM!

170 English Landing Dr.
Suites 131&141
Parkville, MO

Phone: 816-743-4275
Email: info@riverparkkc.com

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